hello! my name is catherine and this is my blog.
i am a twenty-something newlywed who lives in the lone star state. (texas, duh) i am a vegetarian and have been for over 20 years. my husband, blake, is an avid meat eater. the way i put it is i don't eat anything with a face. i am a graduate of texas state university where i was a zeta tau alpha! i have had in my short life a series of tragedies occur thus far. but by the Grace of God i've made it through. we are currently (2+) years been trying to conceive and from time to time i will post about that. 

my husband and i got married october 30, 2010, halloween is my favorite holiday. we had an outdoor wedding and it was just magical. my husband is my man, he keeps me happy, feeds me, (i try to cook but the whole food with a face...), and listens to my ramblings and teacher talk. he calls me his lady bird & i love it so much everytime!

i am the mother of two three furry frups (i call dogs frups). one is miss. bella bell, a tiny teacup maltese, and daisy may, a yellow lab. birdie bell is the latest addition to our little family, she is a morkie which is a maltese/yorkie mix. her mama is the same as bella bell's so they are sisters by blood, too. they are like night and day, bella is minature (2.6lbs) and daisy is about 80lbs of love. bella thinks she is a big dog and daisy knows she is a small dog. watching them play brings me lots of joy and laughter.

my family is huge. seven children + two parental units= us.
i am close with every single one of my siblings, 3 sisters & 3 brothers. i can't imagine a day or week going by without speaking to every single person in my family. my parents live about 15 minutes away, my three brothers live in san antonio so thats like 20 minutes away, my sister and her husband live 15 minutes away, my other two sisters are in austin.