Wednesday, January 19, 2011

teen mom

teen pregnancy barbie

i cannot lie, i am a fan of the mtv show teen mom. however, i have realized this show may not be beneficial for american culture. in my opinion, the 'original' was a scary but honest look at an unfortunate recent trend in our culture today. these teenagers are becoming pregnant, getting a $240,000 paycheck from mtv executives and targets for tabloids. my favorite teen mom parents are by far catelynn and her boyfriend tyler. they chose adoption but have been able to follow the growing life of their young daughter carli. blake is witness to my love for this couple. they made an extremly tough and mature decision to give up their daughter to pursue their goals and dreams. team catelynn.

to me mtv is now saying 'get pregnant, beat up your baby daddy, do drugs, be irresponsible and we will pay you for it!'. i also scrutinize the media for almost glamorizing them, publishing horrific stories about their lives, and promoting them.

today i just needed to get this out there. i have been thinking about the show and its core audience. as i mentioned i am a fan of the show but i am not a fan of the publicity/fame/glamour these young teens are getting. that being said maybe mtv should have just done a documentary on the epidemic and not a full blown tv show out of their unfortunate situations.

recently a well known media figure scruntinized mtv for airing an episode with one teen contemplating abortion.... am i the only one who remembers when mtv aired their second season of the real world which featured castmate tami have an abortion?

anyone have any thoughts on the show?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

move it & lose it

loves to play fetch

since i began my weight loss 'plan' last monday i have already dropped ten pounds! i have been journaling everything that i eat, drinking lots of water, and moving around more. it's really been simple (the moving around part) if i am on the phone, i pace, when i get home from work i don't crawl into my rabbit hole instead i pick up the house, play some wii dance II and throw the ball with the dogs. i didn't expect to lose anything for at least another month. i have also implemented a new rule: NO DRIVE-THRUS! if i want starbucks, i must walk in and order, if i go pick up chick-fil-a for blake, i go inside. i am also parking my car farther away from the entry point and getting up off of my butt while i am teaching. simply walking around my classroom, encouraging and praising my students. i feel better mentally and physically i am a little sore (in a good way).

a little history lesson along the trail

so i challenge you to get moving! happy saturday!

during a walk this week we ran into these guys

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

to have and to hold

here are some official wedding photos from the pros
the rings

my bouquet which i requested look like a birds nest

the sign my sweet friend beth made for us. it is now propped up in our front yard, thanks dad!

my beautiful bridal party making sure i fit

we were married october 30, 2010. halloween is my favorite holiday and i previously had told my close girlfriends that if i wasn't engaged on that particular date that i would marry myself. you know, like carrie bradshaw did on sex & the city? luckily for me i found blake. he agreed on the date and thus planning began.

more to come....

Monday, January 10, 2011


the 'you look great when you smile' wall in my classroom

news crew

here are a few snapshots of things i see everyday. the first thing i was greeted with the morning was a secret. two of my sixth graders were blissfully in the middle of a juicy secret when i broke it up, quietly saying "secrets secrets are no fun unless you are a part of one", the girls heard this and quickly filled me in. one of the students coyly watched her parents wedding video last night and heard something no sixth grader ever wants to hear their parent! sometimes the mentality of my students is so juvenile i can't help but laugh. other times, more often than not, i find myself thinking like they do. blake gets to share in my immature antics and is always either laughing or reminding me of my age...

today is the beginning of my schools biggest loser program. i volunteered to be the leader this semester. we begin today with five months of weight loss in our future. my secret is that i know the starting weights of all the teachers participating. i hope to gather my knowledge and come up with some form of handbook for them. any suggestions?

outside is a new orleans type of heavy fog. we did not get the cold front that was promised but we did get the rain and fog. i wish i could curl up and watch a marathon of ghost whisperer.

happy monday!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

back to school

today was so much fun! it was my first day back to work and my students first day back to school. the temperature outside was a whopping 67 degrees....with the promise of a cold front moving through (yea right!). 

i felt right at home discussing what santa had brought me while sitting criss cross apple sauce with each grade as the day flew bye. the majority of my students received nintendo ds's or some other form of handheld technology. 

all of the teachers were given a paper cowboy boot & instructed to write out our resolutions or goals for the new year and place them on a bulletin board inside of the teachers lounge. i will take a photo once the board begins to fill up. i happily colored and decorated mine! elementary is so much fun.

happy wednesday.
my news crew looking fresh

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 begins

happy 2011! blake, daisy, bella bell & i spent the new year watching a marathon of ghost adventures, which is one of our favorite shows. it was a very low key, easy breezy night & day. we also took our his & her bikes out for a new year ride. blake & i have decided that we will ride our bikes together at least three times a week. boerne has this old railway which they turned into a trail. it's a lot of fun and has several stops along the way for water and a history lesson. there are posts along the way of events that occurred on the trail, near the trail, and also in the towns that the trail went through. 

here are a few photos of us on the trail. we also picked up fireworks for our new years eve at home.

after we got the fireworks sparklers we returned home to relaxing and an afternoon with the dogs. needless to say the day and night were perfect for us. i even made it until midnight. a new year, an inspiration to begin my diet lifestyle change. hope yours was everything you wanted it to be.

happy new year from the drizz-ied drydens