Wednesday, January 19, 2011

teen mom

teen pregnancy barbie

i cannot lie, i am a fan of the mtv show teen mom. however, i have realized this show may not be beneficial for american culture. in my opinion, the 'original' was a scary but honest look at an unfortunate recent trend in our culture today. these teenagers are becoming pregnant, getting a $240,000 paycheck from mtv executives and targets for tabloids. my favorite teen mom parents are by far catelynn and her boyfriend tyler. they chose adoption but have been able to follow the growing life of their young daughter carli. blake is witness to my love for this couple. they made an extremly tough and mature decision to give up their daughter to pursue their goals and dreams. team catelynn.

to me mtv is now saying 'get pregnant, beat up your baby daddy, do drugs, be irresponsible and we will pay you for it!'. i also scrutinize the media for almost glamorizing them, publishing horrific stories about their lives, and promoting them.

today i just needed to get this out there. i have been thinking about the show and its core audience. as i mentioned i am a fan of the show but i am not a fan of the publicity/fame/glamour these young teens are getting. that being said maybe mtv should have just done a documentary on the epidemic and not a full blown tv show out of their unfortunate situations.

recently a well known media figure scruntinized mtv for airing an episode with one teen contemplating abortion.... am i the only one who remembers when mtv aired their second season of the real world which featured castmate tami have an abortion?

anyone have any thoughts on the show?


  1. You really do love teen mom! haha

  2. I am a fan of the show as well. I've been keeping up with the girls since 16 & pregnant and I have been keeping up with the new season of Teen Mom as well. I always end up getting mad (esp. at the irresponsible bf's & at the whiny girls) or I'll end up tearing up for them bc I can't believe they are so young & going through all of that. & the truth is the more the media talks about it, the more popular the show will become.
    When I don't get is teen pregnancy is obv. a problem in the U.S- why hasn't anything else been taught besides abstinance in schools? Teens are having sex, if people like it or not & all they teach is to wait until you are mature or wait for marriage. Obviously they aren't waiting. Why not teach both in schools? abstinance & how to protect ones self of pregnancy & STD's.
    That's my two cents. lol.
    EW & talking about Teen Mom...that show is innocent compared to Skins! Have you heard/seen that one? YUCK.

  3. abi. p:
    thanks for your input! as a school teacher i believe in teaching students the proper ways to protect themselves because yes you are correct, they are having sex! i have not seen the show skins but have heard a lot of buzz about it. when does it air? i will have to dvr it to see what it's all about.