Tuesday, September 20, 2011

faux fur must-have

this is a trend that i am currently obsessing over. while getting my hair done last week i was browsing through the new glamour style edition and the magazine was laced with faux fur vests.
   there are several ways you can wear the vest and lots of colors to choose from. obviously the brown/fox color is most popular, black is a staple color of luxury, the grey is a beautiful choice for the nontraditional, and white screams winter. i have looked online and discovered my favorite to be the rachel zoe luxe vest available at www.qvc.com. forever21 also has a cropped vest for about $25, jcpenny has two options ranging in price from $54-$120. the rachel zoe vest i plan to order is $87 and it hits below the waste so you can wear it with leggings, which i love. here is a photo of the one i am ordering:

what are/is the fall trend you are loving the most?


  1. These look so cute I just seriously doubt I could pull these off :(

  2. hey girl! found your blog through Chelsea's. I love the fur vest look too...h&m has a super cute one right now for $30! I'm having a big giveaway soon so make sure you enter if you want :)


  3. ps-meant to tell you..I'm a recent vegetarian too (6 mos ago) and am loving it! maybe we can share recipes together haha

  4. New follower!! I love your blog! Can't wait to read more! My fav fall accessory is boots! Any kind!