Thursday, September 29, 2011

hey it's ok thursday: 9/28/2011

my missoni chunky heels (totally uncomfortable)
beauty is pain

outfit of the day
dress: love 21 collection
boots: target (about two years ago)

diy mason jar dying project

swirl in glaze & enamel paint

slowly twist from side to side

turn upside down and allow for them to drip.
wipe off access paint and place in oven on 320 degrees for fifteen minutes.

it's ok...
- to put on your pajamas and be ready for bed at 6pm
- to hit the snooze button 7 times
- to have some wine every-night of the week
- to get pissed when you lose an item on ebay (damn those buyers who stay on until the very last five seconds)
- to shower the night before 
- to wear leggings everyday, as long as you pass them off as pants with an extra long shirt/tunic
- to occupy your 'work' time with pinterest & blogger
- to have already started your christmas wishlist

today is my friday! tomorrow i will not be at school because i am going on an all girls field trip to a music festival. wa-hoo.

question: would anyone be interested in a gift swap? maybe clothes, jewelry, accessories, i was thinking it would be fun. let me know your thoughts.


  1. Oooo...I wanna try the mason jar project!

  2. It's ok...

    That as I read your list I nodded my head to every one of your items!! :)

    Happy Thursday, darlin!

  3. I'm totally guilty of having the PJs on by 6 PM and blogging/pinning while at work!

    Loving your blog... I'm now following :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  4. I put my pjs on as soon as I get home!!! Cute dress!