Saturday, September 10, 2011

fill in the blank friday: 9/9/2011

a day late but still good.

1. somewhere someone is enjoying a book more than tv.
2. children and unique characters  are my muse.
3. it would suck if old was no more because, older things are treasures and i believe that the older the better .
4. possibilities and time is/are my favorite thing about today.
5. life is kind of like a book filled with blank pages, you write/create the truths and mistakes of your own, each is unique to the individual and worth the read.
6. if i could have anything that i wanted, i would want more time spent with my loved ones.
7. a funny thing happened the other day when my sister gave birth to her daughter, anna, and at the exact time my parents house was being evacuated for a wildfire. (note, everyone is  safe/happy/healthy)

this is me today, sick with strep. ugh, again, i know.
trying to keep my mind off the fact that my throat feels like sandpaper and is as swollen as a pregnant woman's feet. wishing you a wonderful and healthy day.

1 comment:

  1. I love your first blank! I love me some tv, but there's nothing like a good book!!

    Hope you feel better soon!

    XOXO, stephanie @ blonde highlights