Friday, September 23, 2011

fill in the blank friday: 9/23/2011

happy first day of autumn!
today marks the end of summer and the beginning of pumpkins, scarves, crisp cool weather, hot chocolate, darker evenings, and shorter days.

1. the best thing i did all week was: clean sheets.
2. halloween time  makes me super happy.
3. pets are children disguised in fur.
4. my husband & family  is the best thing about my life.
5. with the cooler weather i am looking forward to: evenings spent on OUR front porch.
6. something that's on my wish list right now is: a nikon SLR camera.
7. this weekend i am going to be: spent cozyied up with my husband.

   i am feeling blessed and relaxed today. i haven't felt so calm and free in such a long time. it's nice. i want to document the fact that i feel like i am being the best version of me. i saw my shadow yesterday and actually thought, "you are thin and beautiful.". it was comforting to have that emotion and contentment at that moment. i genuinely think things are going well.

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