Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i won!

i totally won one of the most amazing giveaways from the fabulous camylla at simply me! i know how cliche it is to say, "i've never won anything!", but it's so true for me.
i am now the proud owner of two fabulous revlon nail polishes and the most adorable coach wristlet you have ever laid eyes on. the wristlet is so convient, i can even attach my keys to it! i put everything in this little sucker and can run into starbucks, the post office, and even stores on main street. it's freeing to carry around a wristlet because i don't have my huge louis vuitton weighing me down, lol.

my favorite accessory is a bracelet. i never take them off. ever.
this is lourdes, madonna's daughter, can you believe how stunning and grown up she looks?!
my mommy played carrie bradshaw. i'm tabitha.

new couple alert?!

time for my outfit post...

included is my outfit from yesterday.


  1. Love the outfit! :) You looks so pretty!

  2. What a great prize you won....COACH :)