Friday, March 1, 2013

Celebrity Style (T.V. Edition)

Today I have picked a television character from one of my most favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory. It's Miss. Penelope, aka Penny. Did you know the writers still haven't announced Penny's last name?

Penny's pink, brown and grey striped cardigan wrap sweater on The Big Bang Theory

Penny's striped cardigan and double breasted coat on The Big Bang Theory

Penny's combat boots on The Big Bang Theory

Penny's yellow shirt on TBBT

Penny's purple dress

Pennys green blouse

Penny's red batwing sleeve top


  1. oh my gosh, Catherine! This post is so so good!! Do you have a twitter or pinterest account? Your instagram account is private too!

  2. her style is so cute!! i love some outfits more than others but really cute style. should i regret not having watched the show?

  3. I love some of the clothes she wears on The Big Bang Theory. So cute!