Saturday, March 23, 2013

Neon Teeth

   The instructions were to place the strips on your teeth for 2 hours at a time, but it said to use the strips twice in one day which would mean a total of 4 hours with strips on. Confused? I was. The box which was roughly $50 came with four sets of strips which would allow you to bleach your teeth twice, and the instructions say to bleach your teeth a maximum of twice per year. I can tell a difference, not sure if the pictures do it justice. I will be using them again. The only problem I had was the day after my teeth were sore which is to be expected.

Remember the episode where Ross (from f.r.i.e.n.d.s) has neon teeth? Love.


  1. I see a difference! Have you ever thought about getting bleaching trays from the dentist by chance? If you like this sort of thing, you might like them. Basically you have a mold made and then just buy bleach in a syringe as a refill. It's about $100 for 3 syringes full of prescription strength bleach...could easily last 2-3 years. So, even though it costs money to get the trays, it saves A LOT in the long run and works in only one hour each time. Your pearly whites look great though! I always wondered if those OTC things worked!

  2. I definitely see a difference!! I have always loved Crest white strips. I used them for my wedding and my teeth were glowing, ha. I like them that way, haha.