Friday, March 29, 2013

letter to my future self, as a mom


   Here are the things I hope to never take for granted once I become a mom.
  • I will never complain about the fact that I am getting stretch marks or that my body is changing, instead I will thank God for the miracle growing healthy inside of me.
  • I won't be upset at the lack of sleep, I'd rather rejoice and thank Him for the little sleep that I do get.
  • I won't get angry or upset when my child needs something and interupts me, I'll be thankful for the fact that I have a child who needs me.
  • I want to be thankful to get sick while pregnant, thankful that I am in fact pregnant.
  • I hope to keep an open heart when other mothers give me advice.
   I want to remember what it felt like to try month after month, and then year after year with no positive pregnancy test. I want to cherish the fact that I am a mother. I want to have empathy for those who are still struggling and share in their joy when they do get the good news the Lord has coming to them. I don't want to forget how long our journey was and who we owe this blessing to.

  This is something I hope will come true, and I will remind myself to reread this when that time comes.

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  1. Well said, and I couldn't agree more with them all. This journey will definitely change a woman and their outlook on motherhood.