Sunday, September 11, 2011

sunday sayings

i thank god for giving me today.
this day will begin with prayer. i give thanks to Him for this life. i might not always understand the struggles and difficulties but i know my purpose is greater. i will serve Him and rejoice in his blessings. i may not be perfect but i am a child of God. He wants me just the way i am.
children remind me to be faithful and to be an example to them and for Him.

my husband is a loyal football fan. i don't think he misses any game...ever.

i love these creepy signs. i think they would be an awesome diy weekend project.

tonight is the season finale of true blood, can't wait.
thinking i might make these for me and blake to snack on while watching.

remember that saved by the bell episode?!

enjoy your day and the blessings you all have in your lives. remember that prayer works and God is so good all of the time.

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