Monday, September 19, 2011

brittany murphy


today i have chosen brittany murphy. to me she was one of the most vivacious, talented, and humbled actress. i cannot recall ever seeing her in anything other than a good mood. she had so much talent to share and with that came gratitude. brittany was taken to soon and will never be forgotten. here is a random collage of some of her best dressed moments.

i still can't believe the weekend is already over. it came & went very quickly. i can proudly say that since friday we (texas) has experienced wonderful thunderstorms and showers. the ducks in the nearby creek are so happy. again they can play in the water; last week they were only able to stand with their webbed feet in the water, no chance of dunking their pretty heads. it's also finally boot wearing weather! today i have on my favorite pair of steve madden zip up boots! next friday is the official day of fall and i can hardly believe that it feels that way, too. :) enjoy your monday!


  1. I love her hair! She always had it so perfectly done!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I think she was gorgeous and had such great style!