Monday, January 10, 2011


the 'you look great when you smile' wall in my classroom

news crew

here are a few snapshots of things i see everyday. the first thing i was greeted with the morning was a secret. two of my sixth graders were blissfully in the middle of a juicy secret when i broke it up, quietly saying "secrets secrets are no fun unless you are a part of one", the girls heard this and quickly filled me in. one of the students coyly watched her parents wedding video last night and heard something no sixth grader ever wants to hear their parent! sometimes the mentality of my students is so juvenile i can't help but laugh. other times, more often than not, i find myself thinking like they do. blake gets to share in my immature antics and is always either laughing or reminding me of my age...

today is the beginning of my schools biggest loser program. i volunteered to be the leader this semester. we begin today with five months of weight loss in our future. my secret is that i know the starting weights of all the teachers participating. i hope to gather my knowledge and come up with some form of handbook for them. any suggestions?

outside is a new orleans type of heavy fog. we did not get the cold front that was promised but we did get the rain and fog. i wish i could curl up and watch a marathon of ghost whisperer.

happy monday!

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  1. I wonder what your students would do if they could hear your rather joyous exclamations at the end of MY wedding video. Lord have mercy!