Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 begins

happy 2011! blake, daisy, bella bell & i spent the new year watching a marathon of ghost adventures, which is one of our favorite shows. it was a very low key, easy breezy night & day. we also took our his & her bikes out for a new year ride. blake & i have decided that we will ride our bikes together at least three times a week. boerne has this old railway which they turned into a trail. it's a lot of fun and has several stops along the way for water and a history lesson. there are posts along the way of events that occurred on the trail, near the trail, and also in the towns that the trail went through. 

here are a few photos of us on the trail. we also picked up fireworks for our new years eve at home.

after we got the fireworks sparklers we returned home to relaxing and an afternoon with the dogs. needless to say the day and night were perfect for us. i even made it until midnight. a new year, an inspiration to begin my diet lifestyle change. hope yours was everything you wanted it to be.

happy new year from the drizz-ied drydens 

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  1. Had a wonderful year with you baby lady! But I am really looking forward to 2011 with you!!! Love you so much, now get dressed we are going on a bike ride!! haha