Thursday, December 30, 2010

movie time

- last week i went with one of my most near and dear friends linzie to see the film black swan. what an outstanding, dramatic, beautiful and traumatic film. i found myself at the edge of my seat, hoping to at any moment rise above the audience and do a perfect pas de deux. this movie left me with a remembrance of being a ballerina. short lived, maybe not even deserving the term of a ballerina but it was a short lived dream. i was blessed with FLAT FEET, but i won't let that stop me know as i have a goal to reconnect with that lost ballerina within.
back to the movie. i highly recommend it to anyone, in fact everyone. it is not a sexist film, nor is it colorblind. it was in one word, unreal. natalie portman portrayed her part with flawless movement and poise. her portrayal alone left me questioning my own sanity. mila kunis who should not go unrecognized was the antagonist in the film. she was incredible and her performance truly had me asking linzie "is she acting, does she practice ballet?". both women are outstanding alone and together are a power dual.
i am a person who enjoys horror films, thrillers, and dark twists on otherwise comical subjects. black swan was and is the best movie i have seen this year.
i love leaving a movie feeling empowered, my first words were, "i know what i am gonna be for halloween".

- today i went to the palladium theatre with my dad, mom, one of my younger brothers, garren, and my husband blake. our movie of delight, the king's speech. i am not by any means a movie goer but its a hogan tradition to attend a movie on christmas day. unfortunately this christmas we were lazy and didn't follow through. but, we all knew which one we wanted to see and today was the perfect day to do so. typically i will red-box movies that i want to see but this is another film that i was excited to see. plus i love the theatre because it has every element you could ever wish for in a theatre... a full bar, arcade, two restaurants, a gelato stand, and of course your staple movie theatre choices (popcorn, giant pickles, pretzels, and blake's favorite: hot dogs!)
as i have so ruthlessly described i am a sucker for history. this movie was rich with the essence of a pre and post war era. in one scene colin firth (lead actor, portrayed king george the sixth) steps into the doctors office and the wood floors, window heaters, tall ceilings, blue and green wallpaper, and crown moldings had my eye.  i love history! there was also a scene with a portrait of william shakespeare, i quietly looked at my brother and said, "did you see the painting?", it had flashed so quickly he didn't notice. back to the acting, portraying a king with a speech impediment couldn't have been crafted by a better actor. geoffrey rush is a genius. he plays the king's speech instructor in the film. the chemistry they both shared on screen was surprisingly comical and at times brought tears to my eyes. they bonded onscreen and actually formed a friendship. this is a movie to see. i recommend it to anyone who cares about the world war II era and britain history as a monarchy. 
so get up, go out, and voice your opinion!

have any of you seen these movies?

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  1. The movie was awful thank god the bar had a tv so I could watch my football! hahaha