Wednesday, December 29, 2010

only the tan survive

today i began by day by having a client over to my house early. the coffee was flowing and my custom air-brush tanning machine was spraying a glorious bronze onto my winter white client. i love my side business, making others feel good about their appearance, especially their tan, is one of my passions. after she left i decided it was time to make myself a bronzed goddess. it's tricky tanning yourself, especially your backside but well worth it. i always feel better both mentally and physically when i have a tan. plus my method is 100% safe and cancer free! i spent more than half of my life in and out of tanning salons. i would rollerblade to the closest salon (this is a memory from the seventh grade) tan, then skate on to the next salon. it's disgusting to admit that i would go to up to three salons per day! in college i found mystic tan which was awesome put i would 'cocktail' it, which means spray tan and then tan in a regular booth as well. it was my vice, my double whammy. then at the beginning of the summer a girlfriend of mine, nina, helped me start my own tanning business. i haven't been in a booth since.

one thing i like the most about my side job is getting to know the people. i tan them right outta my living room (awkward you would think, but it isn't) and like a hairdresser, they want to purge their thoughts and feelings. sometimes i think they not only leave my house looking good but also feeling good. it's nice to sometimes tell a stranger your secrets. anyone who is thinking of starting their own business weather it be tanning, retail, or maybe something beyond the norm my advice is to DO IT!

i guess today is my pre new year's pampering day. i am off to get my hair done and by done i mean blown out, it's something i cannot give up. pamper yourself and know that you are a creature of god, now worship yourself!

say no to tanning beds

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