Monday, December 27, 2010


'the cross wall'

the same cross blake & i used at our wedding ceremony

beginnings are scary. here goes my perspective into life, love, and happiness. i begin this blog and venture into an unknown universe before the new year. stay tuned... i am a novice.

i have added photos of things i enjoy. one of those things the the old medicine box i found at a flea market. knowing simply that it is filled with history, tragedy, hope, bliss, and all the other emotions that come with having a house, maybe a hospital, entertain my curiosity. i simply love the old and allow my imagination to create a story. i also have posted photos of my 'crystal' shelf. my husband, blake, hates my nick-knacks, the shelf alone irritates him; yet he allows me to continue collecting because it makes me happy. on this shelf you will find treasures from all over the globe, italy, germany, india, u.s.a, to name a few. my hunger for the old is an appetite that will never find its end. there is also a photo of a window pane with mirrors, crosses, and pressed flowers. my husband gave that to me on my 27th birthday, as a surprise after i picked it out at a local market day event. the dryden sign was created by my incredible mother-in-law, martha, she is so talented. it was a wedding gift to us. as you grow to know me you will find i have a curiosity for birds, history, maltese dogs, family, turquoise, voodoo, and louis vuitton. i am excited to begin this journey of purging my inner most thoughts, questions, and ideas into the unknown world that we call the world wide web.

is there something you have been wanting to start but haven't found the time?

how about today?

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  1. Love you baby lady, glad you enjoyed the Coffee this morning! And the house is clean!!!!