Saturday, January 15, 2011

move it & lose it

loves to play fetch

since i began my weight loss 'plan' last monday i have already dropped ten pounds! i have been journaling everything that i eat, drinking lots of water, and moving around more. it's really been simple (the moving around part) if i am on the phone, i pace, when i get home from work i don't crawl into my rabbit hole instead i pick up the house, play some wii dance II and throw the ball with the dogs. i didn't expect to lose anything for at least another month. i have also implemented a new rule: NO DRIVE-THRUS! if i want starbucks, i must walk in and order, if i go pick up chick-fil-a for blake, i go inside. i am also parking my car farther away from the entry point and getting up off of my butt while i am teaching. simply walking around my classroom, encouraging and praising my students. i feel better mentally and physically i am a little sore (in a good way).

a little history lesson along the trail

so i challenge you to get moving! happy saturday!

during a walk this week we ran into these guys

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