Tuesday, February 15, 2011


hello february and hello flu. yes it has happened, i , a school teacher have been contaminated with the flu. no bueno. but happily it has given me freetime to blog. oh how i have missed the blogging world. i created a thirty before i am a thirty page. i have also updated my 365 picture project.
my husband blake has been an excellent nurse, i am impressed. i am also happy to report i have shed ten pounds in one month. wa-hoo. 

sadly i missed valentine's day with my students... :( but before i left yesterday to go to the doctor several of my sweet students generous gave me roses (pink) chocolates, and homemade cards. my adorable husband gave me dozens of colorful roses, a pink hearted puppy dog, and our first 'to my wife' card. plus he is now staying home to take care of me!

did anyone else catch the grammy's? here are some of my favorites:

cee-lo & 'holly holiday' performing 'forget you' were my favorite..... oh & rhianna & eminem 'love the way you lie part 2' = my favorite.

here's to hoping i feel better, happy to report that glee is on tonight

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