Wednesday, February 16, 2011


new guest suite

wedding shrine
french country kitchen
i am beginning to get cabin fever. the shot i got in my bum is really painful so in order to keep my mind off of the aches i decided to begin planning a major renovation to the house.

i wanted to include my creative/chic/fabulous wedding photos to this blog as well.
frame less frames were strung throughout the giant trees all over the nature center

maps were made to show guests where everything was
mr. & mrs. robert blake dryden
custom boots made by 'born again boots' CEO lauren bates
in lieu of a boring guest book i opted for a guest of my best ideas to date
up-cycled french chair

blake & i consider ourselves lovebirds and this was the 'theme' of our outdoor wedding
as i lay here watching bad t.v. i am sorting through ideas, photos, and using my imagination to plot all of the next changes. blake & i have decided to build a new home unless we find our dream craftsman style bungalow before the frame goes up. being married is magical and i haven't talked about it enough on my blog.i am happy to report blake is now a HUGE fan of my favorite color turquoise and he is such a hard worker when it comes to adding new color to old items. he happily paints and sands items for us to make our house a home. i love him.

what do you like to do when you aren't feeling well?

do you allow your mind to wonder and come up with brilliant ideas?

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  1. i love your photos. The guest "tree" is too cute! I've been sick & totally out of it for the past 5 days! Idk what I had..but it was ugly. body aches, sore throat, chills, fever.
    When I'm sick I usually try to sleep as much as possible, which I did! yesss!!

    I usually try to think of ways to organize my apt. I used to love organizing before I was married. Then I got married..and everythings a mess! What happened to me!? lol.