Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dress Code: Teacher Edition

                                                                  BAD TEACHER

happy hump day! today has been such a wonderful day. i am on new antibiotics and feeling like a million bucks (not filthy b/c money is really filthy). :) ha. i have taken my airbrush tanning (side business) to the best salon in boerne. it's called Rewby Salon & Boutique. super excited to have a space for my work and i get to hang up there after school. it's really been fresh and fun. enough about that...let's get to the meat of this blog.

teachers as fashion icons, role models, wannabe to young for their own good?

the first picture above is of what i wore today. i felt very covered, comfortable, and like myself.

jacket off, have i suddenly turned into a 'the bad teacher' best movie ever (<---click on the link)

i am wearing a long, jersey dress with flowery skulls. i found no problems with it. i love sugar skulls and skulls AS art.

so this blog is a question/post/brutally honest opinion 'intervention'.

what do you think of my wednesday outfit?
dress is by us rags (company made in california)
steve madden compact boots
ridiculously long purple/black thigh high socks
finally i added some glitz withit some grey hoop diamond studded earrings

post photos, opinions and advice.

i am considering a giveaway to the best comment :)

what do you think or envision a teacher wearing

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  1. I think you look cute! I'm a teacher, and I don't wear holiday sweater vests or jingle bell earrings. As long as you're not wearing anything offensive, and your body is covered, I say WEAR IT!