Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's Ok: 6/6/2012

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It's Ok...

that I have spent my first days of summer vacation relaxing
to request gifts/money for your birthday (June 19th ;)
to spend the day in your pajamas
to feel a slight bit of jealousy when your friends announce their pregnancies on facebook
to ask for forgiveness when you feel jealous (see above)
to love when your husband is lazy with you (in bed)
to only worry think about today
to be very excited for what God has planned for you
to have setbacks and remain strong in your faith knowing your struggle is making you stronger
to pin a zillion things that you swear you will create, yet haven't
to talk to your dogs as if they are your best friends
to let go of material things you don't use or need

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! We are going to Dallas this weekend and I can't wait to get away. Blake's Mom is hosting a party for her sister and they just moved into a beautiful new home with a pool, so I am super excited! In other news... We are getting a puppy! She is a morkie, maltese mom, yorkie dad, and it's the same mom as our Maltese Bella Bell. Our new little girl is to be named Birdie Bell. It's my early birthday present. I am so excited to meet her and have another frup addition to our family!

This is from a book by Linda Dillow.


  1. Its very nice of your husband to let you get a puppy for your bday! I think heard something along the lines about you really training this dog hard core, make him you

  2. Girl I just looked at your photos on your "about me" page and you are SO DANG PRETTY!!

    I, too, am a proud Texan ;)

    And my birthday is June 20th!! :)

    Your Morkie is so cute. I have a Yorkie, Lucy. Love her.

  3. Its def ok to be jealous of your facebook friends sometimes! I get that way too about certain things. Just know that its normal and asking for forgiveness makes it all better. No harm done! :)

  4. Hi Catherine! Summer holidays!!! I hope you are enjoying them! Oh MY gosh, that puppy of yours is ADORABLE!!!! Have fun with her! Sorry to hear your struggles continue. Still sending you good vibes. : )