Monday, June 3, 2013

HSG: Check!

   Well, I survived my HSG! At 1:45 on Friday afternoon I popped both of the pills prescribed and while Blake drove me to the hospital I kept wondering when the pills were going to take over my body, which sadly never happened. Upon arrival the receptionist even told me she would say a prayer for me, once she saw my orders, and that just made me feel doomed. I was quickly taken back after that and I got to change in to some pretty spiffy socks ( I was bummed because I wore my lucky socks) and then Blake was taken into "the room" with me. The nurse then explained the procedure and told us Blake could not be in the room with me, and after he left the doctor came in. He was a very friendly, assuring man. Once the procedure got started there were some minor cramps and my tilted uterus made it difficult to reach my cervix. It felt like I was on the table for twenty minutes before asking if the dye was in to which he replied, "nope, still trying to get to your cervix". When he found my cervix and inflated that balloon I began screaming, because oh my lanta it hurt so badly. I don't think I can describe the pain but if I had to I would say it felt like they were extracting my uterus. I then had to rock side to side to let the dye spill out after that (which was probably six or seven minutes) it was over. Major cramping after the balloon was deflated, and the catheter was taken out. Over all it was highly painful and not something I ever hope to do again. The good news is, my tubes are all clear and open! I've read, and heard that after doing this test you are more fertile for close to three months, so hears to hoping that's rings true for us.


  1. So sorry to hear you had a bad experience, but glad everything was clear and hoping you will be one of the lucky ones who sees that increased fertility!