Tuesday, April 12, 2011

got milk?

yes you do

want milk?
first let me say i am a total vegetarian. i do not like milk nor do i desire it. today at school we had a guest speaker, a cow named june, and a dairy farmer. i went with my kindergarten class to go see how milk was made. very very very interesting to hear this 'expert' talk about how we, as humans need milk to grow, have strong bones, and that milk is so good for us. he then explains to us that cows have FOUR stomachs that process their own milk, we as humans only have one. i bit my tongue because i wanted to raise my hand and say, "so cows even have a hard time processing their own milk; and we are supposed to drink their milk even though we have ONE stomach?" i didn't. i listened, respected, and moarned over the poor cow june.

i do not believe that we need milk or any other dairy product. i could blog about this for hours but wanted to share my morning with you. we were shown pictures of what a day-in-the life of a cow was like and guess what; not one of my students said "i want to be a cow". my conclusion is this, the school paid a dairy farmer to come tell us how important milk is and to push dairy onto these young minds.

you don't see women selling their breast milk to farmers over the world do you? nope, it's meant for humans only.

meet june

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