Thursday, April 14, 2011

what are ya drinking?

recently blake & i decided we did not want to drink alcohol. there is no reason behind it other than we both believe a person is 110% when they do not have toxins in their bodies. for us, alcohol can become a poison. we didn't realize how taboo it was to NOT DRINK.

a few weekends ago we celebrated my sister's wedding with a reception at our country club. i am from a family of seven children, four girls, three boys. two of those girls, my married older sisters, are pregnant. well, i ordered a coke, very content with my choice and happy to be celebrating my sisters marriage. i cannot tell you how many people approached me, friends, and family asking what i was drinking. first response was 'oh my god you are pregnant too!', total elation, i explained 'no, just not having alcohol' which was followed by a 'oh, you are sick' response. NO people, i am just not drinking. after leaving the event blake & i talked about how our society is so fixated on alcohol=good time and you are almost shunned if you do not participate. its crazy!

i feel very happy with my choice and if the day ever comes that i yearn to have a class of wine or a cocktail, i will. at this moment in time i do not care to have that.

why does there have to be a reason?


  1. UGH! One of my biggest pet peeves! There are some nights that I would rather not drink socially and you have the people who are constantly..why aren't you drinking? what's wrong? oh..are you pregnant? I'm like..geez! wtheck! I just don't feel like drinking. It's super annoying..but hey, that's your personal decision and's no one's business.

  2. & about peer pressure..we adults go through it as well..sometimes we just don't want to realize it O.O