Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Ok Thursday: 11/17/2011

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I want to start off by saying that I am thankful for my husband, my two sweet dogs, my family, and my job. I realize that I sometimes take for granted the things that matter most. Without any of those things I would be lost.

With that being said it's ok:

...that I haven't talked to my sister Caroline in over a week. be planning out Christmas decorations (pinterest has my crafty mind in overload). not really care about Thanksgiving (tofurkey for me). have a filthy house. not want to go to work b/c you have nothing to wear. miss being a child. write a letter to Santa. have nothing to complain about because you know you are lucky to be who you are and where you are.

Ok sugarbugs I hope you all have a thrilling Thursday and remember to smile, it's the first thing people like about you!


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  1. I'm so with you on the Thanksgiving thing. I mean I love the food and family time but bring on Christmas! Since I'm trying to hold off a week on actually decorating, it doesn't' mean I don't have it already planned out in my head haha. Pinterest is definitely to blame!

  2. I love Christmas so much more than Thanksgiving that I don't even care about it when it gets here! Hurry up Christmas! I can't wait to see your decorations!

  3. Ha Ha I love writing letters to Santa still too :)

  4. neat post idea catherine. seems like it would be a neat way to get things off your chest :)