Thursday, September 6, 2012

CrossFit Day One-Complete


   I posted yesterday that I would begin my CrossFit journey and mentioned how excited I was. Later on that day the doubt crept in and I began questioning myself. I drove up to what is known as "the box", sat in my car, and watched several dedicated people of all shapes and sizes while they ran. My initial thought was "Holy crap, there are a lot of people in my class and they are already lapping me on the warm-up!", then I called Blake. He encouraged me to get out of the car and go inside. As we hung up the phone a little cheerleader began shouting in the back of my mind. I opened the car door and walked in.
   The trainer last night is named Dave. He greeted me with a huge smile of encouragement and then walked me through the steps to complete my warm-up. "I can do this!", I thought, and I did! I was pleasantly surprised at how much freedom I had during the workout. Previously I had envisioned a drill sergeant screaming at me and CrossFit isn't like that. You pace yourself! Even when I found myself walking my 200 meter run I would pass another person in the class who had a smile on their face and words to keep me going. As someone who honestly hasn't run since maybe high school, I can say that I did it and I am going to keep doing it.
   My personal goal for this month is to be able to complete a near perfect squat. Last night I realized how much lifting with my back I have previously done. Yikes! Tomorrow night is my second workout followed by my beautiful niece's first birthday party.

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  1. Told you that you can do it, you need to give yourself more credit! Proud of you lady bird!
    Love you1