Wednesday, May 21, 2014

20 weeks

How far along? 20 weeks
  • Baby Size: I use two apps, and one says a Belgian Endive (no clue what that is, haha), and the other says she is as big as a mango! 6.5 inches and 10 oz
  • Weight gain: 5lbs (we'll know for sure at our appointment next week)
  • Maternity Clothes: A few things, shirts, skirts, and some shorts.
  • Stretch Marks: None
  • Sleep: It's still my favorite thing to do, and I love sharing my bumpnest pillow with little Miss. Bella Bell and Birdie.
  • Gender: Girl
  • Movement: I've been having a feeling like little bubbles are popping in my tummy, almost like tiny fireworks! 
  • Best moment this week: Celebrating my best friend, Linzie's daughter-to-be, Taitum. Linzie is fifteen weeks ahead of me and we're both having girls! Future BFF's.
  • Looking forward to: Feeling more movement.
  • Food Cravings: I still like to eat egg and cheese tacos each morning, and this week I also wanted cherry sours, and watermelon sour patch kids.
  • Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing weird.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: While at the nail salon this week I got a whiff of Chinese food from next door and that made me feel very queasy.
  • Labor Signs: Thankfully, no.
  • What I miss: Nada, it's been a great week!
  • Workouts:  Dog walking!


  1. How awesome is that for timing, to be pregnant at the same time as your best friend! Glad to hear things are going smoothly!

  2. It's all sounding great!! Pregnant with your BFF!!! How did you get so lucky! ;)