Saturday, March 5, 2011

boerne outdoor academy

last weekend i was able to take part in one of the coolest programs our district offers, 'boa'. it is basically camp but with classes. the great thing is the classes are all taught outside and pertain to the outdoors. this year i taught about 90 sixth graders the craft and legend of creating rain sticks. in order to get into character i named myself rain goddess dryden. i explained to the students that we were creating the rain sticks to get 'flooded in', of course, and stay at camp all week long. we had zero cell phone service, no television, no radio, and it was wonderful. it was amazing to watch so many of the children come alive in the natural element. the classes offered were water studies, canoeing & fishing, geocaching, a three mile hike, and every evening skits were performed and night hikes to place. i must say that the overall experience was draining but rewarding. i have even had some of the sixth graders call me rain goddess dryden since we have returned.

the hippie chicks (every cabin chose a theme & decorated the cabin)
i wish classes could be taught outside at least once a month!

our teacher cabin

tina & me

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