Tuesday, March 29, 2011

education frustration

today i am sadly very hopeless. texas is cutting public education costs which will likely result in a loss of almost 22 positions in my district alone. i cannot express my anger, frustration, and overall feeling of confusion with this news. this is education we are talking about, PUBLIC education. teachers are already not making nearly as much as we should but i am a teacher because i have a passion for this, it's not my career, it's my calling. already a dear friend of mine who is also a public educator was informed she will not be getting another contract. how can we as tax payers afford to aide other countries yet we cannot educate our own? my classroom is already overflowing with to many students. i cannot imagine a room with 40 students and one teacher. i believe that not using our 'rainy day' account will just make our students strangers and teachers 'jokers' who are unable to maintain relationships with our given students.

here's an idea... why not get rid of our substitute system & provide each classroom teacher with their own assistant teacher, that way when the teacher is out the assistant can fill in and will actually have knowledge of classroom expectations and learning curriculum. i haven't researched if that is cost efficient or not.

education is worth it, right?


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  1. So sad. I have lots of friends in Oregon and around the country struggling with the school system/teaching positions right now. And they are so passionate and love what they do. xoxo