Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Thursday Tantrum

  With all of this pregnancy surrounding me all day, every day, everywhere, I wanted to write down a few rants. I get it that pregnancy can for some people be a pain in the ass, I understand that some people just have to complain about it. But, why, WHY would you complain to a woman who for three years has been struggling to become pregnant with a healthy baby? I am on the verge of deleting a lot of social media because of these types of women. I would give anything to be up at night because of morning sickness, I'd love to have vomit/poop/pee on me from my child, and I would give anything to have cankles as a result of my growing baby. One thing infertility has taught me, among all the others, is that pregnancy is a blessing, it's truly a miracle, and not something to take for granted. When that days comes that I become pregnant with a healthy child you can bet your ass that I will be loving every minute of it. In my most recent pregnancy, I smiled the first time I got sick, I was so happy and excited that I cried, I remember texting Blake and my Mom. It was the best feeling for me because that meant that I was pregnant.
  This is not a post to bash women who have terrible morning sickness, or to call out anyone on being a bad parent for publishing to the world that their child just pooped all over their new outfit, I am just simply getting a few things off my chest. Women who have not struggled with infertility just cannot understand, and I know that from experience. Not being able to do the one thing your body was designed to do is heartbreaking, and being exposed to women who are ungrateful about their blessings is nauseating.
  This is not a PSA stating that I hate all pregnant women, believe me. Those of you who know and love me can attest to that. This post is me on a no good, very bad day. Thanks for allowing me to vent.

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  1. You are allowed to vent, and if you can't be honest on your own blog, then there's no point really. I can always appreciate some honesty! I'm sure plenty of people reading would agree with you!

  2. People who haven't gone through this just DON'T get it AT ALL. I'm sorry you are having a rough day. Hope it gets better. Love your motion graphic things. Perfect. Hugs!

  3. Oh Catherine, I know all too well these feelings and the need to vent. It's absolutely impossible for outsiders to understand!!!