Wednesday, September 11, 2013



be patient

   It's quite obvious that I have been in a writer's funk lately, hence the lack of blogging. I do have a lot on my mind but I have nothing to say. Does that even make sense? I will share just a little...

   Many have asked how I doing since the miscarriage and I will be honest and say that I am handling it emotionally better than our last miscarriage. I feel  a since of calm knowing God is in control of what is to come. Throughout the past three years I haven't felt at peace, I was always stressing about what supplements to take, when to test for ovulation, and various other "tricks" for people suffering from infertility. Now I am more accepting of the challenges God has given us, I am more aware that He will not give up on us, it's comforting. I hope to physically heal from this process sooner rather than later as I am ready for the next step, a BIG step. But, I've waited this long so what's another few weeks?

  Being back at school helps the time pass but I sure do miss my summer! This weekend is something I am looking forward to. aTm will play Alabama which is a big deal and Blake would like to begin prepartying at 8 am (not going to happen). I can't wait to hang out hopefully by the pool with my best friend, and then come home to cheer on the aggies. Gig 'em!

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  1. That a way to get some aggie football talk in there!

  2. love this verse, thanks for posting!