Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The List: 8/28/2012

   Yesterday was the first day of school, hip-hip-hooray! Only 177 more instructional days to go. On Sunday night I had my CrossFit meeting. To say it was intense is an understatement. I focused on the words 'throw-up' pretty much the entire time. When asked at the end if anyone had any questions I had to resist raising my untoned arm to ask where exactly do you throw-up? Seriously, I need to know because I will be doing that (throwing-up) a lot. I have seen videos of gyms that do not have A/C but never experienced what one truly feels like and I didn't even work out but once I got home Blake said "Wow, they made ya'll workout tonight?!", my response, "No, they don't believe in A/C and it was hot as hell". Am I more excited for CrossFit? No. All I can think about is throwing-up and push ups. Tonight we have our first class that will teach us the movements and CrossFit techniques. Holy roman canolli pray for me. I will not give up, I haven't even started yet. I must remain positive.

   I do belive that having the first week of school and CrossFit begin at the same time has coherently thrown my body for a loop. I was so exhausted yesterday that I couldn't sleep and all I prayed for and thought about was falling asleep. I flipping slept all summer, why am I so tired?

   Ok, here are my list items for this week:

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