Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Never Ever Ever Will I...

Linking up with Neely today for this too good to pass up linkup.

Here are a few things I will either never ever ever say or do:

-Give up my dream of becoming a mother.
-Get tired of how happy my frups are to see me when I get home.
-Thank God it's Monday!
-I love the Kardashians.

-Bagels sound like a horrible idea.
-I hate it when it rains.
-Getting wasted sounds awesome!
- Another Ryan Gosling movie...boring!
- Manners don't matter.

I can't think of any others today, but I am sure they will slowly come to me throughout today. I want to ask those of you reading to say a prayer for me tomorrow as I have a doctors appointment that I am a little nervous about. Thank you!


  1. Good luck tomorrow sweetie! Oh, and the Ryan Gosling comment...haha! We just saw The Place Beyond the Pines this weekend. I think I have seen every movie of his! hubba hubba ;)

  2. I try not to let myself eat a bagel every day of the week!

  3. Mmm bagels! I totally had a cinnamon raisin bagel for breakfast.

  4. Oh my gosh, I love bagels! I get one from Panera every Sunday morning! I also cannot stand people without manners--it's probably my number one pet peeve!

  5. lol, yes about the Kardashians!!! And bagels, Ryan Gosling, Mondays...basically yes to everything, lol!

  6. I just replied to your comment. Don't stress about your appointment. It's quick and painless. You may or may not feel a quick cramp but as soon as it starts its over. Good luck!!!