Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's Okay...

Its Ok Thursdays

Linking up with Amber today.

It's okay...

..that I don't have much to blog about lately
... that I wake up every morning thinking "I can't wait to go back to bed tonight!"
... to be obsessed excited about a television show (criminal minds)
... to ease up on your diet and splurge
... that my doctor said to ease up on the caffeine and now I think I've had at least one coke per day since then.
... to consider giving up Facebook.
... to be really excited to do nothing this summer.
... to think that 23 days left of the school year is a lot.
... to love discussing baby names with the hubs (no, we're not pregnant!)

* I put this gif in because it makes me laugh*


  1. Girlfriend.... I am a teacher too. But I teach in New England where between the hurricane and snow storms we don't get out until June 25th!!!!! UGH!

  2. I want to give up FB too!!

  3. Love the checkmate bitch! I'm kinda over Facebook too. Hardly ever on there anymore.