Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's Okay... 5/9/2013

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay...

... to order pizza rather than cooking
... to think 19 days is a long time
... to check your phone when you have a free minute (instagram)
... to think about your future as if you were pregnant
... to pick off your own shellac
... to be an enrichment teacher and be pumped when a class is on a field trip
... to think snapchat is amazing and to send unattractive photos of yourself to friends
... to analyze your dreams
... to think Friday night t.v. is awesome (Dateline, Shark Tank, 20/20)
... that for the first time in months (9) I have had coffee almost every morning this week
... to already be excited about the next school year
... to secretly be dreading my would be due date May 22, 2013
... to recognize infertility has changed me and to miss the old me


  1. I would LOVE to order pizza every night instead of cooking! I'll be thinking about you on May 22. :)

  2. yes, to pizza - that is my plan tonight! :)