Wednesday, June 1, 2011

end of the school year 2011

i am thrilled to say that tomorrow is my last day of this school year. yes, that means 'schools out for summer!'

insert cliche scene where students scream and throw papers in the air while they run out the front doors.... (awesome) but, that never happens.

i am thankful for the generousity of my students, my career, my sweet husband, having a pulse, and my body.

yesterday i got back into the gym, seriously cannot remember the last time i was there, pre-wedding i believe. it was nice and helps me mentally. today was day two. even though i could only huff out 45 minutes of cardio i feel better than i have in quite sometime.

after tomorrow i plan on spending the summer focusing on myself. by that i mean my body, my health, ME. of course i will spend time becoming a better wife to blake (learning to cook) and growing as a married couple.

as i have been writing in several yearbooks, i believe: 'my future's so bright i need shades!' (hahaha)

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