Tuesday, June 28, 2011

his & hers tuesday: 6/28/2011

hello followers! i have been busy with the new house, the construction/restoration is coming along nicely. blake & i are growing more excited as the days get closer to closing & moving! today i wanted to follow a trend from the blog all the little things.

so today we have a his & hers questionaire

biggest pet peeve- bella pooping in the house
most hated food: sardines
most despised type of music- rap
chore to avoid- putting laundry away
worst trend- fashion trends...be you
worst idea of a vacation- cruise ship sinking while we are on it

biggest pet peeve- people who liter
most hated food- meat/anything with a face
most despised type of music-r&b
chore to avoid- mopping
worst trend- crocs
worst idea of a vacation- las vegas

there you have it! hope everyone has a fantastic tuesday. i will be packing/cleaning/watching casey anthony trial! i will write more about the trial later....

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