Thursday, June 30, 2011

from nothing to something

today i have decorating on my mind. here is a photo of the back of our house, deck is not finished in this photo. our deck is now complete and is an antique white color. i love it. blake is the gardener of the two of us and he asked me if i had any ideas for what i want done. i certainly do! i want color, antique fixtures, funky accents and lots of herbs/vegetables and flowers. i know blake cannot wait to get his hands dirty and really make the new backyard our own.

i do not like buying anything that is new besides clothes. i love going to local thrift and antique stores looking for hidden gems. i often find things that i have a vision for and blake just thinks is junk. lately i have been on the hunt for an old wheel barrow and old window panes. some places have the items marked for a ridiculous price and i have learned to haggle. i love it! i also have had some luck with craigslist.

i will go by the house later to update the blog with more photos, until then here are some garden inspirations...

window pane dividers (love!)
old bed frame turned garden

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