Thursday, October 6, 2011

it's ok thursday: 10/6/2011

it's ok
- to have piles of clothes strung about everywhere.
- to work hard at pretending that you are busy so no one interrupts you.
- to give your students a free choice friday even if it's not friday.
- to fall asleep at nine p.m. and then get frustrated when you still have to wake up early.
- to blame everything on pms.
- to leave the dishes in the sink for one more night, they aren't going anywhere.
- to put cups over bugs so your husband will pick them up.

this has been a good week for me except i have decided i want to complete a ridiculous amount of projects this weekend. i am trying to create a to-do list and my mind gets jumbled with all of the things i know i would like to do and i am unable to focus on one task. grrr. i have also come to the conclusion that i have way too many clothes that i cannot part with. i need a stylist.

anyone want to do a blog-swap with clothes/accessories?


  1. Haha, my fiancé is the one who blames everything on PMS. LOL Its gets pretty annoying but thats probably because of PMS

  2. Those dishes can stay, they won't be going anywhere... unfortunately. I have a sinkful just waiting to take me down as soon as I walk in the front door after work today. Not looking forward to it.

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  3. Sometimes when I get to sleep early too at 9 I am more sleepy when I wake up than I am when I go to bed late. I am with ya!

  4. heehee...these are adorable. : ) Especially the cup over the bug one. haha...I am giggling still over that one! And I agree with Kristina hubby blames everything on PMS too and it's annoying! But I guess I have been known to blame it a time or two as well. ; )
    Good luck with your projects this weekend!