Thursday, October 13, 2011

would you rather: 10/13/2011

sex and the city is undeniably my favorite show to have ever been on television. even though i grew up with this sometimes racy show as a thirteen year old i appreciate it as i grow older. i remember being in college when the show came to an end. arguably i did not like the sixth and final season. however, i know that the series had to come to an end. can you imagine if the show were still on air now? yes, i know many of you could but really think about that. as i recall, when miranda got pregnant i thought "oh great, is this gonna turn into a show where they all get married & have children?". nope, it sure didn't. it was as close to 'scripted reality' as any sitcom could come. i often fantasize about the what-if's and wonder what the show would be like now. i can picture desperate housewives meets the real housewives of new york. sex and the city is so much better! if carrie had stuck with aidan and married him, would she have had a child of her own? would she have ever worked at vogue? i am glad that she chose john big. throughout the shows lifetime we had the two 'loves of carrie's life'; big and aidan. for carrie, i believe big was the right choice. for me, aidan was a total dreamboat. oh em gee. i love him!

today i want YOU to comment. would you rather marry aidan or big? 
do you believe carrie made the right choice?

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