Monday, October 17, 2011

monday style file: katie price (pre-halloween episode) 10/17/2011

yes, you read this correctly, katie price, aka jordan. i do not need to be checked into a hospital, i admire and love this woman. she dresses up in costume for every single appearance promoting her products/brand. she is fearless and badass. she is really a huge hit in the uk but one day this woman will gain notoriety in the u s of a. first of all, she is obsessed with pink (swoon), she has a complete pink kitchen, pink cars, she is pretty much a living & breathing barbie girl.

check out her costumes, after all halloween is right around the corner. admire her outrageousness and her ability to not give a f$#*


  1. her style sense is very ecclectic. i remember watching her marry that british soccer player but last i heard after two kids they were divorced already...:(

  2. She looks so cool! I love a lot of these looks and she's gorg!