Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting! 7/18/2012

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I'm a Pinterest addict. I love the idea of having a special place on the Internet where people share their creativity, skills, and ideas for anyone to admire. Since I have taken a blogging hiatus here are several of my most favorite random pins.

He is MY vote for the movie adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey...

Scott Disick is the ONLY reason I watch this show.

One for me & the other for my sister

Again, I love Scott. Kim is a wet blanket. I can't stand her on T.V.

I recently started going to what we can call therapy sessions, it's more like a workshop. Well, a goal I set for myself to complete this week is a painting for my dressing room. It's not a big project but it's motivation to not sit around all day and worry think about things that are not in my control. I'm really enjoying allowing God to control my life and using this blog to tell my story. Next Monday, July 23rd, is a big anniversary for me, more on that later. I want to encourage anyone reading this to set a small goal and achieve it. I can't wait to post photos of my finished project. I love the feeling of completing something, satisfaction.

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