Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eff, Marry, Kill: 7/26/2012

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Megan Fox's Men
Shia Labeouf
Brian Austin Green
David Gallagher

Eff: David Silver.. I mean Brian Austin Green
                                                                    Marry: Shia Labeouf (duh)
                                                                                                             Kill: David Gallagher


  1. Oh, I so agree that Shia is the "duh" marry. He's adorable. I would eff David and kill Brian, though. Not really sure why - Brian Austin Green just seems a little douchy to me, somehow.

  2. Eff Brian. Always had a little thing for the bad boys.

    Marry David. I remember him from his 7th Heaven days and he's gotten cute!

    Off Shia. I just don't find him all that great

  3. Eff David, although I'd feel moderately guilty for one night stand-ing with the kid from 7th Heaven.

    Marry Brian Austen Green, because I had posters of him ALL OVER MY ROOM when I was younger. Also, a tamed bad boy is incredibly sexy.

    Kill Shia, I just think he's a super douchecanoe.

  4. Great theme! I had no idea she was with David Gallager! This is a tough one. I would easily marry Brian Austin Green (I love him and even named my cat after him), but I don’t want to eff Shia or David. Haha!

    Stopping by from the linkup :)