Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cupid's Wishlist

These are just a few things to get my heart racing this Valentine's day. Clearly I am all about getting into shape and these little gems won't help me do it but they will help me look and feel good while doing it! I know my Cupid is out there, take note sweet Cupid!

   I told the Mister that the only thing I want for Valentine's day is to cuddle on the couch, and I am serious about that, but I wouldn't mind finding one other thing ready for me to open. Just saying. Can you believe Valentine's day is next week? I am happy to have said zeta goodbye, we hate to leave you but we really must say, goodbye from Z-T-A, to January. It's my opinion that no one really even likes the month of January and I understand why, it just does, ok!

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