Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wasted Weekend

   I am so grateful to have had an extra long weekend, I'm talking four days. I woke up Friday morning to a fever of 102.67, yes, it's true. I was one sick girl. Not only did I wake up with a fever but I had also slept in, probably because my temperature was so freaking high. Blake wasn't feeling well either and he's never sick, luckily he could talk, me on the other hand, I felt like my throat was closing. We had hours until the doctors office opened and all we could do until then was take some Tylenol and sleep. Ugh. There goes our plans to have out of town guests for the weekend. We spent the entire weekend in bed. I was miserable, often crying, and Blake barely showed emotion about his predicament and remained level headed. Yesterday was also a teacher holiday and I had a previous doctor visit planned, it was the first time I had left the house since Friday. After that appointment I went right back home to crawl back into bed. I have learned my lesson about being sick- don't do anything until you are 100% better or it will relapse and you'll be sorry. I should also note that I get strep throat at least five times per year and Blake finally asked our doctor what can be done to stop the madness. Turns out there is now a vaccine available. This girl will be getting that shot once I'm all better.
It started out like this.

I'm dying.

Possible culprit?

How I felt.


  1. OH NO! What an awful weekend! Glad you are finally starting to feel better! I had no idea there was a strep throat shot.

  2. I'm trying to get over a cold too! Hopefully I'm better by this weekend!

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