Friday, October 5, 2012

fill in the blank friday: 10/5/2012

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1. The last thing I ate was dry lucky and charms cereal and a warm blueberry muffin.
2. The last time I went to the beach was this past summer. I went with my parents to their beach house.
3. My last vacation was probably when I went to my parents beach house. See above.
4. The last place I drove was to pick up Blake at work. We are currently living on one car and have been this whole school year. I'm finally over it.
5. The last song I listened to was Ugh, I think it was the WHISTLE song by Flo Rida.
6. The last thing I watched on TV was Criminal Minds. Favorite. Show. Ever.
7. The last time I said I love you was this morning when Blake dropped me off at school.

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My sister Caroline is getting married and this weekend is her bachelorette party. Pictures will be posted in the next blog update. Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. Please post pictures of your happy weekend! Can't wait to see them.