Friday, December 7, 2012

I Don't Care!

Things I don't care about...

I get it, everyone and their Princess is pregnant, except me.

kim kardashian short hair cut 061511 2 492x3691 Kim Kardashian Short Hair
Pretty much all Kardashian's but particularly Kim and her self obsession.

Please stop bickering like high schoolers via social media. Take it back old school style and bitch about one another to your friends NOT the entire world.

I'm baffled by the fact that she can violate probation and not be put in jail. Also, why is the woman going out? She needs to disappear for awhile, take a hint from Miss. Casey Anthony, honey. Seriously, WTF?

The Bachelorette & The Bachelor.
Fact: You will not find everlasting love on a television show unless you are Trista or Ashley.

Twilight. Is it over yet?

Facebook over-sharing. This isn't AIM, I miss the original Facebook, remember, when it was only for students who had a college email address which meant you were in fact a real life college student? Sigh.

Those are just a few things at the top of my I don't care list. It feels good to get them off my chest and into the blogging world. One other thing that is currently annoying to me is the silence of others; let me explain. The silence I am referring to is the lack of acknowledgement that I loss my baby. People were just congratulating me on my pregnancy and now there is silence, say something, "I'm sorry", or "I've been thinking/praying for you". Maybe it's just me being selfish. I also don't think one can truly "appreciate" a miscarriage unless they themselves have had one. Still, it's annoying to me that others know and chose not to say anything. I hope this isn't too depressing for a Friday. Have a wonderful weekend and let me know what you don't care about, perhaps this blog post?


  1. I also do not care about the royal fetus. My boyfriend is from the UK and you have no idea how many people keep asking him if he's excited about it. He might care even less than I do...and he HATES the royal family. All those years of paying a portion of your taxes for the royal family made him a little bitter I think.
    Penniless Socialite

  2. I am a new follower, and this post cracks me up! Thanks for the laughs!

  3. Love this post! Though I must admit I'm a little obsessed with Princess Kate, everything else is spot on. I also would like to add that I don't care about my fellow college students' habit of posting 50 pics from one night on Facebook, each with at least 3 solo cups in them. I get it, we are old enough to drink/you drink underage. You are SOOOO cool!


  4. haha I definitely have some things to add to this list lol That last e-card is too funny. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)