Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Being able to FaceTime with my niece, Riley is one of my most favorite things about 2012. The way that she lights up when she sees me could melt even the iciest of hearts. Even though it's doubtful that she will remember our chats which consist mainly of me just making funny faces and speaking in a language only recognizable by Riley I still treasure these moments. I spent most of this week entertaining both of my nieces so my heart is content. I was sick the week before, I mean laryngitis, bronchitis, diagnosed with walking pneumonia sick, and was worried I wouldn't get the quality time I desperately wanted with little Anna and precious Riley; but God is so good all of the time and helped heal me right on Christmas Eve, just in time for church. Wonderful how He works that way. 
We did send out a Christmas card, it didn't include any of the above photos, so the best way to share these is on this blog and my instagram of course! (follow me @hohodryden)
My beautiful sisters, both older and one younger. 

One last FaceTime capture with Riley, well a picture of Riley, but I did talk to her, Claire was just showing me her school picture and I thought it was adorable.

My wish tonight is that you had a magical Christmas and are preparing for a blessed New Year.

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